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We build Fine Distinctive Custom Homes and Home Renovations to be loved and enjoyed for generations.

Our homes and home renovations are done with pride, fine craftsmanship and to the highest standards of building excellence.

Our company is based in Roberts Creek, British Columbia. On the Sunshine Coast and surrounding islands we have built over 50 projects, custom homes and renovations. Our current focus is on small to large home renovations and home additions.

We have the complete infrastructure to build your home or home renovation exactly the way you envision it. Our diverse projects include homes varying in styles from sleek contemporary to rustic elegance. Please see our portfolio of homes for some examples.

We have crafted homes that exclusively use alternative energy systems or off the grid, such as using solar power, micro hydro, propane and diesel back up generators and battery systems.

Gary McPhie, the owner and founder of G.M. Projects Ltd., has been building custom homes, commercial buildings and restaurants in the Greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Island, and Calgary since 1975.

Please take a look at our Services page for more information on custom home building and home renovation options.

We have the skills and experience to build your custom home or complete your home renovation whether you are located in Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Sechelt.

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From conception to completion, services and resources, site selection to final landscaping…
quality custom home building and renovation is our specialty.

Please click below for more information on our Quality Custom Homes:
How to Begin  –  Our Services  –  Portfolio  –  Building Standards

From your dream to your dream come true.
G.M. Projects Ltd. Quality Custom Home Builders & Renovators
Creating elegance is an art form.

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